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The Best Portable Gas Grills


The Convenience of Portable Gas Grills

When barbecuing is the subject of conversation, do nostalgic memories ever come mind? Dad or Grandpa standing over the grill showing off the cooking skills they’ve developed over many years. Techniques passed on from generation to generation. Chances are the grill they used was dismantled in order for it to be taken along on the family summer road trip and it used charcoal. After a long drive to the destination,

Shavette: Everything You Need To Know

Recently I’ve been getting a lot of questions in regards to disposable straight razors, other words known as the shavette. Due to the massive amount of questions I decided to do some research in order to explain to everyone what it is, what is and isn’t good about it and some recommendations on how to use it as well as some good quality brands and models.


A shavette looks very similar to a straight razor but there are many differences.

Best Hair Pomade

Pomade is a product used in styling hair, and is intended to make hair manageable and give it a shiny appearance. Pomade is different from mouse and gel, although just like mousse or gel, it can be used on almost all hair types to achieve different styles. Pomade is applied to clean, damp hair, which is then styled using either the fingers or using different type of combs depending on hair length and style desired.

Creed Cologne Review

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If you’re looking for  a cologne that you can use for those exceptionally special occasions, you’ve come to the right place.

Creed is a brand that prides itself on making fragrances using ancient infusion techniques. When you wear Creed, you wear the a scent that is unrivalled and carries a legacy of being worn by some of the world’s most influential people.

In order to go about writing a creed cologne review,

How to Use Aftershave

Men! Are you shaving properly? 

If you’re shaving with a bladed razor (straight razor, standard razor etc.) You’re probably going about it in the wrong way.

This is to tell you that there is in fact a way to stop all that itchiness/irritation and avoid infections from all those tiny little bumps and cuts.

Does your daily or weekly routine involve shaving? Are you shaving with a blade? If so,

The Best Men Fragrances of 2017

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Our sense of smell is something that we depend on a lot. We use this sense countless times per day and it becomes an involuntary action. Emotions play a big role in determining wether or not we like what’s around us or not.

A person wearing cologne is sort of like a flower. A flower can vary in scent, shape, color and size. The perfect combination of all these characteristics are what makes the perfect flower.

The 6 Best Electric Razors for Men

The best electric razor for men tends to cost more than the regular bladed razors sold on the market today. The additional features, the high-quality makers behind some of these electric razors for men, and aesthetic look of the product are just some of the reasons why some electric razors for men don’t come cheap. And If you are going to own an electric razor, which you know you will need for the rest of your life,