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The 6 Best Electric Razors for Men

The best electric razor for men tends to cost more than the regular bladed razors sold on the market today. The additional features, the high-quality makers behind some of these electric razors for men, and aesthetic look of the product are just some of the reasons why some electric razors for men don’t come cheap. And If you are going to own an electric razor, which you know you will need for the rest of your life, make sure you invest on something you will be proud of using while having the assurance it will last longer—if not through your lifetime.


However, finding and buying the best electric razors can be a daunting task for someone who is having it for the first time, even for individuals who are upgrading from an older razor to a new one. The choice of the finest electric razors is crowded with a dizzying array of brands that may take a large chunk of your time if you don’t know what to look for. Moreover, there are a wide range of electric razors in the market today that cater to the different grooming needs of both men and women. In this guide, you will learn about the important features to consider when choosing for the best electric razor that you can use for your daily shaving needs.


Do I need an electric electric razor?


If your normal weekday is always a tight one, a fine electric razors is an integral part of your grooming rite, as it allows you to do dry shaving—usually way faster than your traditional shaving. As a matter of fact, you might find it better to shave before shower when your face is totally dry. With an electric razor, you can actually shave anywhere. You can shave in your office, shave while you are on your way home, or shave at home while watching TV. In addition, you can shave in just a matter of minutes, minus the hassle of washing your face with a shaving foam or soap.


Furthermore, you can clip those hairs without the danger of inflicting cuts onto yourself by using an electric razor. An electric razor allows the user to avoid cutting rough surfaces of their skin. This is usually caused by moles, acne, or zits. While hairs caught between the blades from the previous shave may be the cause of irritation, the challenge of shaving a sensitive or rough skin is significantly lessened.


Why not just get a gel and a standard razor?


Some preferred to use a shaving foam and a standard razor, because it allows them to have a really close shave. Some even say that ultra-smooth and longer-lasting shave of a standard razor remained unmatched by any electric product. It might hold true if we were talking five years ago. Guess what? Electric razors have gotten so advanced that they get rid of hairs better than the standard bladed razors, cutting hair just a millimeter above the skin. Because power-driven razors cannot cut a little under the skin surface, they are very safe to use as well.


Can you really save more with an electronic razor?


Others would say that they can save more if they remained with a standard razor and shaving foam. What they don’t know is that they are paying double or more in the long run without getting their desired shaving result. You might be able to get your desired result by using an expensive standard razor the first time, but its blades are not really long-lasting. In fact, some good brands of standard razors are only good for the first few uses that you have to change blades frequently, while other brands aren’t good at all. If you don’t want to spend money more than necessary, you need to invest on a good electric razor.


So how does an electric razor work?


While the standard bladed razor is the predecessor of the modern-day electronic razor, the latter works like scissors. A razor usually works by having its blade slice through each hair it passes. In an electric razor, each hair is cut the moment it passes through the metal gratings—can be a mesh or groove—where the blade slides against it. There will be several blades and metal gratings that act like scissors, and this process happens at a fraction of second.


What are the types of electric razors?


Foil electric razors are the ones where there are a series of blades with rounded end which are close to each other and having comb-like formation. Proximally, they are attached to a structure that rapidly oscillates back and forth, making the rounded end of the blades quickly slide against the metal mesh. As the hair goes inside the metal mesh, it is sheared as the blades close the gap between its ends and the metal mesh. The gaps are designed to be small enough for the hair to go through but not for the skin.


On the other hand, the rotary electric razor has a different form of razor blades inside. Instead of having a comb-like formation, the blades in a rotary electronic razor adopted the wheel-like shape. The razors are attached to a central access which rapidly spins every time the switch is turned on. Although the rotary electronic razor has a different blade-to-mesh configuration with the foil electronic razor, it cuts hair the same way by having the blade and the mesh work like a pair of scissors. Likewise, the grooves are large enough for a good hair cut but small enough to prevent accidental cuts to the skin.


So which one should I choose?


Despite the similarity of its process in cutting hairs, foil and rotary electronic razors somewhat differ in shaving results. The former type of electric razor allows deeper shaving, which is made possible by the rounded end of each blade. If you are looking for an electric razor that will give you a cleaner shave, the foil electric razor is the right choice for you. It gives you a deeper and longer-lasting shave.


You might be wondering what feature the rotary electric razor has to offer for a shaving enthusiast like you. Well, the design of the blades allows it to have flexible heads, allowing the electric razor to adapt to the changing angles of your face, chin, and neck. It gives you the power to shave on tight spots with tight turns, without hurting your wrist. Some men find rotary electric razor better than a foil razor, while other finds otherwise. Much of it may be brought forth by a personal preference and habit.


What are the things to look for when buying an electric razor?


Speed: if you are the type of guy who grows moustache and beard as fast as the delivery guy deliver pizzas, then you need a fast razor. The aspect of how often you shave is very important when most of your weekdays are spent on grooming. You want to make sure that you come to work neat and tidy, and you can never attain such look if you don’t spend enough time shaving that newly grown, excess hair. This is why it’s very important to know the speed of an electric razor. Usually, the best electric razor for men is the one that is fast enough to deliver the desired shaving results in relation to the density of hair.


Comfort: of course, it is an integral part of your shaving ritual to be comfortable while doing it. If you are not comfortable with the shaver you are using, you may end up with an unequal moustache and beard. Unless you are pulling off something weird, uneven moustache and beard are not okay. Moreover, if you don’t have the right electronic razor to cut denser hair on the tight spots such as the chin, jaw and neck, you may hurt your wrist while trying to achieve a completely clean shave.


The best electric razor for men usually comes not only with a flexible head but also a multi-directional head-movement feature, which allows easy shaving on any part of your face. In addition, it hastens the process of cutting hair, because there is no need for you to spend more time in shaving difficult areas of your body. And shaving should be something every individual should enjoy.


Durability: if you are going to spend and invest on something, make sure that it can stand the onslaught of time. By getting the most durable product available to you, you save yourself from the hassle of using a malfunctioning product, let alone an exploding one. The best electric razor for men is usually durable and made up of premium materials—which is usually the basis of durability. And the best way to know if a product is durable is to know its brand. The brand of a product has now become the solid basis of its quality and durability.


Top brands take the extra mile to ensure its products are free of defect, performing well, and made to endure longer time. Branded electronic razors may come with a higher price than the ones which don’t belong to a top brand, but you can rest assured that when you buy a branded shaver, you are having the one which is durable and the top of the line.



Shave Results: most men prefer a deeper shave result. In the past, a deep shave is only achievable by a standard razor with water and soap. Nowadays, the best electric razor for men can attain an even better shave result. Although a foil-type shaver commonly attains a deeper shave result compared to rotary-type, recent advancements in the materials of blades and metal grooves have resulted to an improved performance of the latter type of shaver. Despite the category of shavers, neither two different brands nor different models with the same brand of electronic razors have the same shaving results.


Likewise, the type of skin affects the result of different type of shavers. Usually, sensitive skins react to close-cutting electric razors. The reaction could be caused by the short, pointed hair end touching the skin. Anyway, shavers come with adjustable trimmer heads, which allows you to control the length of hair to be shaved and save yourself from any skin reaction if you have one.


Features: well, it is really a bonus to have an electronic shaver with an array of feature to offer. Although it is advantageous to have a shaver with more feature, it doesn’t mean that you go for the one with the most add-ins. Sometimes all you need from a shaver is a nice 2-mm cut, and any other time you need more shaving power for a denser beard or moustache. Either way, you can decide on the best electric razor that best caters your grooming needs. However, it is important to know the features of the best electric razor for men, so you can decide if it will be useful to you or not.


Price: yes, everybody considers this one. If you want the best electric razor for men that is durable and addresses all your grooming needs, you need to spend a bit more for that product. For additional features that may make a significant impact to you, it comes with a price. Whatever brand or type of shave you are buying, just make sure that the product justifies its price.


If you want to have the best electric razor for men for your daily needs, let us help you narrow down your choices with these six topnotch shavers from Amazon:


1. Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3100



Coming at under $17, this high-performance foil-type electric razor can get the job done. With a full-size, a precision and a nose trimmer, you can shave any area of your body. It can get as close as one millimeter or as long as 18 mm from your skin. Whether you want a plain electric shaver for your moustache and beard or you want an ear and nose trimmer as well, this shaver can work very well. With the trimmer and the included attachments, you can clean up your sideburns and anywhere under your face—say goodbye to your tiny scissors.

Although you cannot use it without a charged battery, the 35 minutes of cordless shaving is more than enough to address your grooming needs—unless you’re shaving a monkey. However, it doesn’t have that power to address the needs of individuals with denser hair, especially hair on the tight spots like the jaw, chin and neck. Anyway, you can use it in the shower, as it is 100 percent washable. It is a bit noisy during shaving and doesn’t have the nonslip grip feature, making it easy for you to slip it if wet. It’s not as durable as other more expensive shavers, but for its price it’s a smart buy.


2. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 2100


This high-quality, rotary-type shaver is a reliable companion for grooming. Most of the body is made of plastic, while a rubber makes up a portion of the switch. It has a close-cut system, allowing a deeper and longer-lasting shave, and a 4-direction flexible head, making it easier to shave hairs on those tight spots an ordinary razor would miss. For just under $30, it allows you to have 40 minutes of cordless shaving, which is made possible by the included chargeable lithium battery. Despite its weight—it’s almost 400 grams—it’s relatively quiet during shaving. The days of having a leaf blower on your ears every time you shave are over.

It is strong and can achieve a pretty close shave. It is washable, so you can shave in the shower. It also has a one-touch-open feature for easy washing. Alas, it is easy to slip the shaver when wet, as it doesn’t have the right nonslip material on the handle. Sometimes, the aftercare of your shaver takes more time than the actual time it took you to shave, but it is a different case with this one. Compared with other shavers on the same price range, it has made shaving fast.

3. Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver


Specifically designed for men, the Remington F5-5800 sports necessary features all men would love. We, men, love to shave but don’t have the time—or we have but we are lazy—to keep charging that shaver every after use, and we usually end up using a dying shaver on our next grooming session. Good thing it has a 20-minute cordless shaving feature, which is more or less 20 shaving sessions between charges. Now that is awesome. Moreover, it is a heavy-duty shaver capable of handling even the thickest types of hair and usually does a lovely close shave.

It is slightly heavy but has this sturdy feel. It shaves very fast but it’s a bit noisy. Although it is a foil-type, it has a pivot feature to shear those hairs on the tight spots. It is easy to clean and washable. It has a nonslip grip handle that makes it easy to hold even when wet.


4. Philips Norelco Shaver 6400

Made of high-quality material and designed for precision shaving, the Philips Norelco 6400 does its job very well. Its GyroFlex 2D feature allows it to not only shave hairs on the tight spots like the chin, neck and jaw but also provide comfort to the user when shaving. Never would you feel a sore wrist brought by traditional shaving or by a bad shaver. It cuts hair evenly and can be either used for dry shaving or with wet shaving foams. It can be used in the shower with ease; slips are prevented by its non-slip handles.

It can handle a hefty workload in less time and can deliver a topnotch shaving result every time. It works like a thief in the night: deceptively quiet. So, you can do your shaving in the wee hours of the night without depriving someone of their sleep. It’s slightly pricier but it delivers the result you have been aching to have.


5. Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Cordless Electric Foil Razor for Men


The Braun Series 7 is not just another shaver designed for men on this list. Priced at $158, it is foil-type shaver of the highest quality in the market. It has the ability to adapt to the type of hair and difficulty of the area; it increases power on denser hair and on difficult parts of the face. It has also one of the closest shave, at 0.05mm, and deliver quality shave every time. In addition, it comes with a charging station that doesn’t only charge but also clean and disinfect the shaver.

Despite the fact that it can deliver 1000 micro oscillation and one of the closest shave, it amazingly operates very quietly. It is deviously powerful indeed. It doesn’t just look good but also exceeds expectations when it comes to performance. Yes, it is priced higher than many, but it is one of the best electric razors on the market that you can invest on. After all, you will be using it on your face regularly, and with a quality as good as this shaver, you can rest assure that it will last longer than most of the other shavers you can find on Amazon.


6. Panasonic ES-LT7N-S Arc 3-Blade Electric Razor System 

One of the leading shaving brands in the market, Panasonic has brought forth its finest shaver. It is made of premium materials for durability and aesthetic purposes as well. It comes with a charging station that does everything for you—literally everything. The charging station cleans, disinfects and readies the Panasonic’s one of a kind shaver for the next use. It is a foil-type shaver with extra-sharp, extra-strong stainless steel blades that ensure the cleanest possible shave.

Albeit the ability to deliver an extraordinary speed of 13,000 cpm, it is extremely quiet. It has an advanced sensor that detects the density of hair, permitting it to adjust its shaving power accordingly and to have a perfect shave every time. Whatever type of hair or type of facial skin you have, it can achieve consistent top notch shaving results every time. It is a bit pricey, but once you own one of these, you won’t ever ponder on shaving-and-shaver problems ever again.


The best electric razor for men is the Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Cordless Electric Foil razor for Men, because of it’s useful features and it’s price. It offers the same important features and performs just as well as the Panasonic ES-LT7N-S but it is around 40 percent cheaper. The Philips Norelco Shaver 6400 costs cheaper but is significantly outclassed by Braun Series 7 in terms of performance and heavy-duty features.







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