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The Best Portable Gas Grills


The Convenience of Portable Gas Grills

When barbecuing is the subject of conversation, do nostalgic memories ever come mind? Dad or Grandpa standing over the grill showing off the cooking skills they’ve developed over many years. Techniques passed on from generation to generation. Chances are the grill they used was dismantled in order for it to be taken along on the family summer road trip and it used charcoal. After a long drive to the destination, theres nothing more satisfying than setting up the grill, smelling the burning scent of charcoal and cooking delicious food. Unfortunately the charcoal came in a dirty and heavy bag. The times have may changed, fortunately the invention of the portable gas grills came along. This is a great advantage for anyone who loves to barbecue, take long family road trips and grill pretty much anywhere.

Portability makes cooking and roasting effortless

Theres nothing more satisfying than simply arriving to destination and having a portable gas grill ready to be fired up at your will. Some portable gas grills are so well equipped that you won’t even notice that you left the house. This means you can keep dad and grandpa’s cooking traditions everywhere you go.

What to consider when buying a portable gas grill

Often times people buy products without knowing whether they’re good or not. Luckily buying a portable gas grill isn’t very hard. Have no fear, you’ll be grilling in no time after reading our analysis.



1. Coleman Road Trip Propane Portable Grill LXE

Coleman is a company that is known for its camping equipment. When we tell you that this is the best all around portable gas grill we’re telling you with a great load of confidence.

It is small and compact, foldable and practical for any situation. Its minimal space requirement allows you to take it anywhere you please. Simply unfold, screw in the gas tank and you’re ready! Once folded, the wheels allow you to drag or pull it around which means no more back pains from lifting heavy barbecue equipment. The two side platforms allow you to keep your ingredients within proximity, allowing you to feel like you brought your actual barbecue with you.


Key Specifications:

  •  Burners: 2
  • Cooking surface: 285 sq. in.
  • Grates: Porcelain
  • Total BTU: 20,000

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2. Smoke Hollow 205 Stainless Steel, Portable TableTop Propane Gas Grill.

Smoke hollow: Portable Gas Grill

If you’re looking for a very sturdy and portable gas grill, the Smoke Hollow is the portable grill for you. The design is intended to make you feel like you’re grilling on the normal grill you have in the backyard. Place it on top on a table or even on the floor and you’re ready to go!

Smoke Hollow has incorporated many features to increase the grill’s portability.

The grill is equipped with legs that allow the it to stand slightly higher, they are held in place by hinges which allow you to fold them inward when the grilling is done.

Whether you’re setting up or packing up the grill you will be relieved to know that the hood is held shut with two latches. This is great for anyone who needs things to stay closed and compact during road trips.


Key Specifications:

  • 305 Sq. In. Cooking Surface
  • 10,000 BTU Stainless Steel “U” Burner
  • Legs Fold For Portability
  • Locking Hood for Transport and Storage

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3. Char Broil 240 Portable Gas Grill

If you’re looking for a portable grill that doesn’t have any frills, this is the one for you. Simplicity and minimalistic are the two best ways to describe this portable gas grill. This type of grill is perfect  for those who don’t use a portable grill often. It is small and compact which allows for it to be stored without taking a lot of space. It can also be carried with ease due to how light it is.

Its portability comes from the fact that the stand comes off with relative ease. The hood also stays shut with the aid of a small mechanism.



Key Features:

  • 240 Square inch cooking area and built to travel
  • Sturdy legs for stability on a Table or the ground, carrying handles for easy transport
  • Lid-mounted temperature gauge, painted porcelain body


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So we’ve reviewed three portable gas grills. The list may be short but they’ve been selected from a list with numerous other models that simply didn’t make the cut. These three models are at different price points and are of different quality, thereby allowing us to discuss the key aspects of each portable gas grill.


If you’re are looking to purchase one of the portable gas grills from this article check out the link below:


1. Coleman Road Trip Propane Portable Grill LXE

2. Smoke Hollow 205 Stainless Steel, Portable TableTop Propane Gas Grill.

3. Char Broil 240 Portable Gas Grill


P.S if you’re camping, grilling and the outdoors are your thing, check out our other article about shavettes.


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