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Creed Cologne Review

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If you’re looking for  a cologne that you can use for those exceptionally special occasions, you’ve come to the right place.

Creed is a brand that prides itself on making fragrances using ancient infusion techniques. When you wear Creed, you wear the a scent that is unrivalled and carries a legacy of being worn by some of the world’s most influential people.

In order to go about writing a creed cologne review, one must have had the chance to try it or at least smell it. Lucky for me I have a friend let me use the last few spritzes left in the bottle.

The cologne in which I had the privilege of trying is the Aventus.


Here is Everything you need to know about Creed Aventus. 



The reason for this Creed cologne review is due to the stunning scents and aromas that arise from even the smallest spritz.

There is nothing quite like it and I highly recommended to get your hands on some.

In order to better understand the scent, its important to know how it is layered.


– Top Notes –

Blackcurrant | Italian Bergamot | French Apples | Pineapple

– Heart Notes –

Rose | Dry Birch |Moroccan Jasmine|Patchouli

– Base Notes –

Musk | Oak Moss | Ambergris | Vanilla






These 3 layers blend and mesh so perfectly and is an unbelievable treat to the senses. The scent is so pleasant and the more you smell it the more you can understand the fusion between each ingredient.

You’ll also think the people who made is are pure geniuses, and they are!

This perfume is on the expensive side. It is highly recommended to get your hands on a few samples. Not only will you be able to leave the people around you in awe but you will have paid nothing.

If you can no longer use sample vials try moving to a small bottle. This perfume will last you a long time. Consider this an investment that will keep your nose and the people around you pleased.

The bottle has a modern sleek design with a black leather band wrapped around the renowned Creed bottle. The silver emblem of horse and rider evokes unbounded adventure and spirit.

When looking at the bottle it will make you want to spray its contents all over.

This creed cologne review will not be the last. The scents and aromas are so amazing that it will be a pleasure to review any other creed product.

Creed Aventus can be purchased at many higher end retail stores. Don’t be shy to ask for samples! Im positive the clerk will not be bothered to be smelling it!







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