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How to Use Aftershave

Men! Are you shaving properly? 

If you’re shaving with a bladed razor (straight razor, standard razor etc.) You’re probably going about it in the wrong way.

This is to tell you that there is in fact a way to stop all that itchiness/irritation and avoid infections from all those tiny little bumps and cuts.

Does your daily or weekly routine involve shaving? Are you shaving with a blade? If so, you might be subject to irritation, rashes, cuts and ingrown hairs. Shaving in general is very harsh on the skin. Whether you’re using 1 blade or 5 blades the closer the shave the more potential for irritation since the contact between the blade and the skin are closer than ever.


There are multiple ways of avoiding the irritation after shaving. These methods vary from skin prep to aftershave and everything in between. The only other method is to use a trimmer that way the stubble remains above the skin thereby leaving your facial hair trimmed but not fully shaven.


Aftershave is a quintessential part of shaving, yet most men disregard it. I’m here to tell you how to use aftershave. That means how to apply it, when to apply it, what type to buy and much more.

Let us begin!

What is aftershave?

Aftershave is something you apply to your face after you have shaven. duh! Am i right?

Well, as easy as it is to say what it is most men don’t know what it does.

Aftershave is used for disinfecting your skin after your shave. It removes any bacteria and contains ingredients to sooth the skin as well.

How to use Aftershave

Once you have finished shaving, rinse your face and wipe off any excess shaving cream.

Be sure to rinse your face with cold water after all is done. The cold water will close those the pores and firm up the skin allowing it to block any bacteria from accumulating.

After all is done, put some aftershave lotion on your hands and gently apply it the freshly shaved skin. It may burn or feel a bit weird at the beginning but you will see the benefits with a bit of time.

Once you figure out where your sensitive spots are you’ll know how to use aftershave like a pro since you’ll know exactly where and when to apply it.


Which brand should I buy?


The #1 Pick: Tend Skin Care Solution



See the reviews on Amazon


If you are very prone to razor bumps and ingrown hairs, Tend Skin is the magical potion for you! They say the best gifts come in small packages, well this is one of them. 

Tend Skin is perfect for anyone who just recently started shaving. Still figuring out how to use a blade without irritating your skin and then learning how to use and apply aftershave products to ease the irritation.

This product doesn’t contain any moisturizers or fancy ingredients. This is the true and original definition of an aftershave.

Although its on the pricier side, this lotion goes a very long way. You can either apply it to the irritated area or simply apply to the entire shaved area.

I personally use Tend only on my irritated skin and then use either a moisturizer or the number 2 pick that you’ll see next.


Our # 2 Pick:  Brickell Men’s Instant Relief Aftershave


See the reviews on Amazon I personally love this aftershave. Not only does have a stylish bottle and cool presentation, its got quality jam packed inside it.

It soothes, disinfects and moisturizes. Made from natural ingredients this amazing product is the perfect multitasking lotion for your skin.



The #3 Pick: Proraso After Shave Lotion


See the reviews on Amazon

Proraso is a company that has been in the shaving business for a very long time. They know what they’re doing. Most know them for their shaving creams and such but little know about this. When you first put the oil on your hands it may have a good but strong scent. Do not worry as it does become milder when applied. The scent is signature to proraso and is a combination of eucalyptus and menthol. This aftershave is highly recommended for anyone who is just figuring out how to use aftershave.


To wrap things up, if you’re not using aftershave it is definitely worth it to learn how use aftershave. Hopefully these top three picks work for you.

Feel free to leave a comment if you want some more advice!


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