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Shavette: Everything You Need To Know

Recently I’ve been getting a lot of questions in regards to disposable straight razors, other words known as the shavette. Due to the massive amount of questions I decided to do some research in order to explain to everyone what it is, what is and isn’t good about it and some recommendations on how to use it as well as some good quality brands and models.


A shavette looks very similar to a straight razor but there are many differences. This alternate version of a straight razor allows you to use disposable blades. This means that both double and double edged or specialty blades can be used. This can be convenient since you don’t have to keep sharpening the same blade over and over. If you prefer to sharpen the blade, you may also purchase blades that can be sharpened. Another main difference is the length of the blades. A shavette has shorter blades than a normal straight razor.

In order to get a better understanding of what a shavette is, here is a little history: The shavette is commonly referred to as the disposable straight razor. There are two types of models; foldable and fixed. The key aspect to the disposable straight razor is the liberty to choose the type of blade you want. An added bonus to the choosing your preferred blade is the fact that the blades aren’t permanent leaving you with the option to replace or resharpen.


Some will tell you that if you’re just starting out with straight razors, you should start with a real straight razor and not a shavette.

The reason is because barbers used to only use shavettes for precision cuts such as: trimming sideburns, shaving the neck area and perfecting hairlines. Also the fact that the blade is smaller means that its much easier to hurt yourself.

With all the different shavettes and blades on the market, lets take a look at the best ones!


 Parker Safety Razor

View on Amazon

View on Amazon

Parker Safety Razor has been producing shaving supplies for nearly 40 years. They’re experts in the field and have been the highest standard for fine grooming supplies. Their products are hand crafted and engineered to achieve the best quality. This family-owned business, produces products that are a reflection of their commitment to excellence and value. 

The quality of this shavette is very good. It has a sturdy feel and the blades are great. If you’re a beginner, the blades may be too sharp so be careful not to cut yourself. The package includes the shavette and the blades which means all you need to do is lather your face and start shaving!

Parker SRB Straight Edge



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Now that we know what Parker razors are all about lets get down to the details of this shavette. Once you get comfortable with using a shavette this product will come highly recommended.

Here are some of it key details:

  • Professional Quality – stainless steel blade arm 
  • Snap/Lock blade holder to ensure secure blade insertion.
  • Comes with 5 Shark Stainless half blades 
  • Rounded exposure at the end of the blade compartment to minimize cuts.

Classic Samurai




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Samurai is another company that is dominating the men’s grooming world. Their premium quality shavette will keep give you one of the closest shaves ever. Included in the package is 100 blades. Please be careful and use with caution. The blades are unbelievably sharp and it cuts through anything like butter. The overall build of this shavette is solid and has a great feel when manipulating it. This shavette comes highly recommended for anyone who has experience with this style of shave and is great value for money.



In conclusion, the parker safety razor is our top recommendation. The reason being that its light and easy to manipulate in your hand. If you are a beginner it is very important to exercise extreme caution when using it for the first few times. The blades are extremely sharp and ultimately the three different shavettes showcased here are all recommended. They are made by the leading companies in the men’s grooming industry and they know what they’re doing. Once you’ve mastered the art of a straight shave, read up on how to properly use aftershave. If you have any questions regarding shavettes feel free to write us a comment.



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